We turn End-of-Life wind turbine blades, aviation and manufacturing composite waste into recyclable building materials. It’s a win-win-win


Industries like wind power produce thousands of tons of composite waste every year. A huge issue that they are still struggling to deal with sustainably. At the same time the construction industry is challenged: They need to start utilising new, more circular building components with lower CO2 footprints. With Continuums advanced mechanical technology, we can turn composite waste into recyclable products for buildings. It’s a win for composite industries. It’s a win for construction, and definitely a huge win for the planet. 

Start to send your EoL blades and composite waste our way. Rather today than tomorrow.

Got EoL blades or composite waste? Apply online here:

Today, composite waste like wind turbine blades are hard to recycle. Though lots of talk and lots of research, there is no real industrial scale solution. Conventional solutions like landfill, waste2energy and co-processing are not sustainable.

Continuum has an industrial scale technology, that is cost competitive to even low-tech solutions on the market like landfill. In fact, we are ready to contract for all your end-of-life blades and composite waste. Like today. No, really today. Better than tomorrow.

From end-of-life composite waste to a new life as building material. Meet your new middleman: Continuum.

With our patented technology, Continuum bridge two struggling industries: Wind power with unrecyclable composite waste – and the construction industry looking to build with a reduced CO2 footprint. Both are challenged to find new solutions and address new legal requirements around sustainability.

Enter Continuum as the middleman: Our business is driven by partnerships and alliances that create synergies and benefits for all. Like delivering new, fully recyclable building products, that contain at least 90% composite waste. 

What's not to like?

Soon your new facade, bathroom or floor will be nothing but green. The color is up to you.

Our technology enables us to turn end-of-life wind turbine blades, composite materials and composite manufacturing waste into high-performing building products: Façade panels, bathroom tiles, composite floors – just to name a few. Whatever purpose, our products are made from up to 92% reclaimed materials, that we can recycle over and over again. This combination probably makes Continuum one of the most sustainable products on the market. But not matter how green it is, you can still choose what color to have it in. Just talk to us.

Lets talk end-product sustainability

Even the tough outer shell of a buildings facade can use our sustainable panels. You can have our panels made to custom specifications or to standard construction sizes. Should you years later need to update the look of the building, simply send them back to us - and we will recycle old ones into new ones.

Today Tomorrow?
Today Tomorrow?

Update your terrace, balcony or flooring with our sustainable hard wearing and very durable panels. They can take the wear and tear for years. Should you need a change, you can send them right back at us - and we will recycle them into perfectly new panels.

Today Tomorrow?

Have a shower - or even an entire bathroom covered with our hard wearing, durable and sustainable panels. Both a very unique look and a very feel-good-story about being more sustainable.

There’s a new word for circular composites. It’s called Continuum.

With Continuum you can join a new circular model: Upcycle composite waste into recyclable building materials. Our process solve key sustainability issues for both a green industry (wind) and a less green black industry (construction). Here’s the sweet part: Once our building components have served their purpose, we take them all back – and recycle them into perfect new building materials. So, their life can be continued. Or be Continuum’ed.


Circular composites for a better tomorrow.
All our panels are made from recycled composite waste via our proprietary transformation technology.​


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